"Being natural, but with a twist "

Popple Cosmetics specializes in the market leading natural colored contact lenses at premium, medical grade quality, suitable for everyday wear and exceptionally gentle to the eye.

Silver Bliss

‘’Do you want to get a higher level of sophistication?’’

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Saltwater Breeze

‘’Smell the sea, feel the breeze, hear the ocean, be at ease.’’

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Above the Clouds

“Above the clouds the freedom is infinite and the view endless.
A perfectly blue sky above the soft pillow like white clouds. This is what it’s like to fly. Have you seen it?"

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Eyes of Harmony

‘’To put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better.’’

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Honey Glaze

‘’How are you feeling? I’m sweet like honey, baby.’’

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Morning Coffee

‘’Rise & shine, good coffee, good day’’

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Why us? And why colored contact lenses?

Apart from providing you with an exceptional natural look and the best care to your eyes, Popple contact lenses also provide you the most gentle and the lightest lenses imaginable, you won’t hardly notice them on the eyes.

They are tested and certified for 1 month use by the best eye care specialists.

Popple cosmetics is not just a cosmetic brand, we are a recreation of design and technology in perfect harmony with our eyes and our customers' care.

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