"Being natural, but with a twist"

Popple specializes in the most natural looking colored contact lenses at premium, medical grade quality, suitable for everyday wear and gentle to the eye.

Our name comes from ‘’The Popple tree’’, more commonly known as the ‘’Aspen tree’’, which  is a tree of rebirth and movement. With their leafy tops and thin trunks, Popple trees move gracefully in the wind. Popple is all about moving towards a new you.

At Popple, we believe that you should have the freedom to change any part of who you are. That’s why we’re normalizing, changing the color of your eye. Giving you the freedom to be whoever you want to be, whenever you want to be them.


Popple specializes in the market leading natural colored contact lenses at premium, medical grade quality, suitable for everyday wear and exceptionally gentle to the eye.

Helping you to express yourself with a twist, but always your better self. Be free and express yourself in the most natural and powerful way possible. Because the eyes always have something to say. 

Why are we here? 


We want to create a brand for everyone, not just for a defined audience or gender. 

We want to normalize wearing colored contacts, normalize the freedom of choosing your eye color and normalize defining your own beauty. 
We’re all about being natural, but with a twist.

How did we start? 

After years of experience, colored contact lenses became our favorite weapon of choice for self-expression. A way to radiate our ever-changing mood in real life. 

Our community and culture is our inspiration. We want to tell our story, connect, and communicate with them. Offering a universe of new options for people who never stop looking up.

That’s the reason why we created ‘’Popple Cosmetics’’ because we want to embrace your natural charm and boost your confidence everywhere and spread positivity and authenticity. Because eyes talk better than words sometimes.

We approach every aspect in a unique way which has manifested in a brand that’s more than just beauty. Our products are tried and tested by some of the world’s top eye care specialists and we are on a mission for global expansion. 

As the best brand in the world in terms of natural appearance, color and quality, our contact lenses are the most gentle, softest and most flexible on the market. Using the best-for-you formulations while also ensuring excellent performance. You won’t even feel them.


“I wanted to create the ‘’most vibey and natural’’  brand and offer something different in the safest way. My purpose is to make everyone feel special in their own eyes."

- Founder and CEO of Popple Maximilian Lange -